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Smart Academy and ITSS Technical Bootcamps

Spend your Summer Holiday learning with ITSS

We’ve always valued continuous learning and we’re also seeking for potential in people, even if they don’t have professional experience; that is why, starting with 2019, we organised the company’s first internship program: Smart Academy. It lasted 6 months and at the end of the Academy we hired 10 new colleagues on different technologies, such as: Android, iOS, DevOps, Quality Assurance etc.

Smart Academy 1.0 in 2019

During the pandemic, last year, we continued organising Smart Academy 2.0 in Bucharest, but also in our office in Chisinau, and it was entirely remote, a challenging experience both for us and our colleagues, and for the participants. The Academy in Bucharest lasted approximately 4.5 months, and we had a lot of colleagues (almost 30% of them) that were involved in the initiative, having trainers and mentor roles for our interns. The programme was very popular, taking into consideration the work from home setup, and we hired 12 new colleagues: Integration Developers, Android Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Graphic Designers. In Chisinau, we managed to hire 2 new colleagues out of 5 participants.

Smart Academy 2.0 in 2020

Besides that, we are happy that we’ve reached another milestone in the pandemic: we also organised the first Bootcamp in the company, completely remote. The bootcamp lasted for 2 months and it focused on the Digital Identity area, a very niched but interesting one. Here as well, at the end, we hired 5 new colleagues.

This year, continuing the tradition, we’ve focused a lot on organising internships for juniors, so we’ve already started 2 Bootcamps, that are in progress as we speak – our Android Bootcamp and our Quality Assurance Bootcamp – and we cannot wait to hire around 8 more joiners in total when they both conclude.

But that’s not all, and since we’ve stated getting the hang of it we are now organising the 3rd edition of Smart Academy (Smart Academy 3.0) that’s going to start on the 5th of July and end on 5th of September. So we’re recruiting right now, looking for the best of the best candidates to join the Academy on the following technologies: iOS, Java, DevOps and React Native. Smart Academy 3.0 consists of both practical and theoretical sessions, 6h/day, and our colleagues from the technical teams will have trainer and mentor roles for the future interns. The recruitment process is in progress, so if you want to join us, send your application at raluca.cucos@itsmartsystems.eu. We cannot wait to meet you!

And now, for the fun part, please find down below some images with our ex- interns, that are now our colleagues, and also some of their testimonials, after finishing the Smart Academy experience:

Smart Academy 1.0 team in 2019

“Smart Academy was a starting point in my journey as a Web Developer.
Even if I wanted to work as a frontend dev since the beginning, here I was helped to understand my decision better.
More than that, during the Smart Academy internship, I met people who wanted for my knowledge to grow, who explained to me multiple times, with patience, how to do things, to understand what (and why) I was doing wrong (and I always appreciated patience).
I would recommend this experience.”,
Rebeca Petre – Frontend Developer.

Part of the Smart Academy 2.0 team in 2020

“For me, Smart Academy was a much better opportunity than I would have imagined at first. Through it I have learned about a challenging, but interesting new domain, DevOps, which would have become my career path direction. Furthermore, I have discovered a great working environment while developing tight relationships with my colleagues.”, Andrei Pantelimon – Junior DevOps Engineer.

“Our internships are not simply learning programmes. Instead, we develop our community and bonding with each other, friendship relationships and a vibrant culture from early stages. Sure, HR results matter a lot, but relationships matter more. “


Not much to say now, isn’t it? The HR hard-working team gave all of us a good insight on the learning opportunities for juniors here, at ITSS. You can get in contact with our wonderful HR colleagues anytime: just message them from our brand new and shinny Career page.

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