1st: Find out more about us

we’ve just turned 19…

We are #ITSS Community – proud, fun and very much alive, always eager to discover, create, succeed and deliver excellency. We are one of the largest Romanian Digital Business Transformation organisations, founded in 2002 in Bucharest. 

Since you are here, we believe you have already read the business part about ITSS, so here we just want to show you the more human, down-to-earth part of us. 

So, here are some things we are proud of:

  • Our actual size: from 5 colleagues at the beginning of the journey to 150+ and 2 Tech Hubs in Bucharest and Chisinau; 
  • Our vibrant community: techie, curious and very welcoming; 
  • Our achievement: as we are considered one of the largest companies in Romania in this line of business, we are amongst the largest systems integrators, with the largest portfolio of technologies; 
  • Our projects: sooo diverse in clients, industries, technologies and we’ve gone global for a couple of years now; 
  • Our product ambitions: we aim to launch an ecosystem of Fintech digital solutions this year; 
  • Hackathon winners: two first places already (#yey!);
  • The fact that our success is based on our entire community: we are the source of innovation we bring in digital, each and every one of us with our passion, dedication, energy. 

We strive to keep IT simple and always enjoy the little things in life. 

When you really believe you can make a change, passionate talk comes naturally! You will see those around start to support your vision and make it real. With passion, we managed to grow and be a community.

hr tip of the day

As we like numbers, we’ve made these graphs hoping to show you the bigger picture:

1. Our growth over the years, with an out of the blue interesting development during the Pandemic:

2. The evolution of our community over the last 3 years, as we pride with everyone’s progress in company:

3. A panicked kind (to us) 2020 regarding the colleagues that decided to say goodbye:

 4. Every year we see an increase in the average tenure in ITSS, hopefully we will be able to bit market metrics in IT. We seem to be sure are on the right track. 

5. We encourage learning and especially self-learning, as these are signs of one’s determination and commitment. We are free to choose our right path in learning (according to this graph, our colleagues either took our word for it, or they finished Netflix during quarantine):

6. This thing below shows we have a lot of dedicated colleagues in ITSS, as we mostly learn from each other. Self learning is immediately next (as we stated before, out of boredom commitment), but we surely get points from our new colleagues, as we try to give them a good start with us. We definitely still need to improve on external learning, especially for the senior levels (heads-up seniors!). 

7. This one over here shows we’ve progressed we think:

8. We still have to work on these ones (disclaimer: it is challenging in our line of work):

Well, we hope we gave you an insightful overview on who we are. Stay tuned for more, because soon we will disclose how we managed to survive organised ourselves during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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