December 15.

Disclaimer of the day: we are a tiny bit unconventional.

Now, let’s carry on. Our 7th photo challenge was all about Christmas traditions, and we got plenty of them: beautiful family-gatherings around the Christmas table, enchanting Christmas traditions from the marvellous Bucovina or Rîmnicu Sărat or even Bucharest, families and friends visiting the Christmas markets or children waiting impatiently for Santa . But then, we are not a very conventional bunch, as we disclaimed, so the most voted Christmas tradition was:

Yup, the traditional Christmas Sleep. And, c’mon, admit it! We ALL do it! And at least we’ve got ourselves a meme out of that:

So, please, do tell us what’s your favourite Christmas tradition!

That been said, we’ve managed to pull something serious today as well: the Bubble Makers workshop, were some girls and boys from ITSS crafted these colourful and delicious-looking soaps. We discovered we have some talented colleagues amongst us. We were truly impressed, really now. These handmade soaps could make some great and inspiring Christmas gifts, don’t you think?

Workshop 2: Bubble Makers

It was a very good day after all, because we’ve reached this pretty important conclusion about our #ITSSCommunity: we are both unconventional and talented, and that’s something worth telling all of you about. ❤️

Get ready for more.


the elfXperts 😁

…to be continued

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