December 11.

Just before the weekend, we had a busy and fulfilling day. It was the Winter Sale, as you can see in our Agenda, and it was filled with satisfaction, because we organised an auction and the money gathered from the bids were redirected to 3 social causes. The Winter giving joy was embraced by about 50 of our colleagues and in an hour we managed to rise about 10200 RON. To this, there will be added some individual contributions as well, that will double the amount as it seems by now. We are more than happy we can help out the people in all three causes and that we’ve unprecedentedly seen the #power of our Community ! ❤️


As for the 5th Photo Challenge – The Christmas Mug – though we had some pretty powerful candidates, it was won by this yummy and christmasy drink made out of coffee & marshmallows.

As for the Guess the ITSSer challenge…we received so many pics from our colleagues since they were kids that this week we will have 2 rounds of guessing / a day. ✌

We have a full schedule this last week before Christmas, so follow us for more.

See you soon!


The elfXperts 🎄

…to be continued

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