December 10.

Don’t you sometimes have that distinct feeling that something big happens just for you? Naturally, afterwards you snap back to reality, and acknowledge to yourself that’s not possible, convinced it’s just a coincidence. But, still… We had that winter view challenge the other day, and it snowed a lot in Bucharest. Now it rains (also a lot!), and there’s no more winter view through our windows. But when the time was right, we all got our great winter pics. 🙂

Today we had a new photo challenge: My Best Christmas Friend. It was heavy stuff, we tell you! It involved pets, and children, and plants and, basically, what ever matters most for us. And this is the winning pair: Bery & Covidel (a heads up here, but don’t tell him 🤐– Bery won the #CatBattle). So, who’s your best Christmas friend?

Moreover, today was both busy & magical, because we have created Christmas cards for our family or colleagues. Since the pandemic started, during the day we are busy with work, but today we found the time for this special activity, that some of us joined with our juniors (something different for them – playing together at 3 PM). The Christmas Cards & Decorations Workshop had simple requests: all we had to bring was creativity, joy, paper, scissors, colours and a lot of sparkle. Sparkle was mandatory! Look here what we’ve created.

The 3D Christmas tree card was a fun project for all ages! Younger kids just love crafting, but it was fun for older kids and grown ups as well!

Hope you liked our activities, and maybe even get inspired! 😉

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The elfXperts ⛄

…to be continued

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