December 9.

Last night it snowed in Bucharest, and that created the perfect scenery for the 3rd Photo Challenge in our agenda: A Winter View.

Our Christmas Teams Channels were packed with snow pictures, as you probably imagine, but one (and only one this time) was most acclaimed. It stands for finding joy in isolation, and we think it perfectly describes the winter of 2020. See it below.

Oh, and the ‘Guess the ITSSer challenge’ was … well, challenging today. There was a lot of guessing involved and some clues and a lot of jokes and laughter. The pics will remain secret, but still. Just thought you would care to know.

Tomorrow we’ll have the Christmas Cards & Decorations Workshop – pretty thrilled about that. Naturally, we’ll share pics with you, so stay tuned!

Just thought we’d share a little teaser – the workshop’s agenda

Ok, talk to you soon! 🎉


The elfXperts

…to be continued

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