December 8.

A lot of rumour on our Christmas Teams Channels today as well, as the theme for the Photo Challenge was Winter Squad. We had a lot of teams that just paused their regular meetings and took a Christmassy picture; others have met especially for that.

At the end of the day, after counting likes and hearts ❤️ and laughters 😁, we saw there were two winning pics again. And, well, they are pretty different; probably just stressing how different we actually are in #ITSSCommunity. Hence, we have a Gangsta Team and a Reindeers Team winning this challenge – we post them here for you.

One of the other daily activities on the Christmas Tale’s agenda is ‘Guess the ITSSer’ – meaning some of our colleagues have shared with us pictures of themselves as kids, and everybody gets to see how much they have aged have changed. And they have to guess who the kid is. That’s pretty funny! And also pretty secret. 😜

We’ve actually decided to leave you a litter spoiler today, so check out the Advent Calendar we’ve crafted. It shows the entire agenda of our event.

See you soon with more stories! 🎉


The elfXperts

te be continued…

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