December 18.

Our Christmas Tale has come to an end. Now it’s time for all of us from IT Smart Systems to focus on the Christmas Holidays, surrounded by our dear ones while taking a well-deserved break.

Let us get you through this day, because it was full and fun and somewhat unexpected.

First, the photo challenge was pure genius, and we don’t just say this because two of our fellow elfXperts came up with the task. Two words: Meme this, and it involved the present form the Secret Santa. First of all, this generated some inside jokes – we have to mention this one here, even though you can’t fully appreciate it:

Ryke vs. Finest meme

Long story short, Ryke & Finest are two apps we currently develop and you can find out more about them visiting our more serious ‘business pages’ (like this). Let’s carry on.

The most voted meme iiiiis:

What??? It is funny! …minus the seasonal depression ofc. 😁

Afterwards, we had this really cool workshop that involved cocktails & decorating cookies, that went like this: choose a cocktail recipe – do it – decorate some drunk cookies. 😋 It went well. We are satisfied with the result.

The next happening was: Guess the Carol. It was awesome! Real competition there! Well organised (we used kahoot), relaxing until it actually started and everybody wanted the victory, classic carols, in Romanian and English, kinda’ made us realise we don’t really know the actual NAME of the carols, but hey, we all know the lyrics, the melody and even to sing along.

After this, we were suppose to watch a movie together, but we were so into this kahoot thing that we started playing another one that involved cartoons in the 2000s. It was fun! 🙂

We want to leave here a bonus pic, because, well…not everybody’s pics went online, on the blog or on our instagram, but Anca really, really, really (!) insisted and she was a great elfXpert after all. So here goes:

Well, guess this is it! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Grand 2021! And we appreciate you reading this!

Over & out,

The elfXperts


the end.

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